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About Us

Clear Figures Ltd is owned and run by James N Craig who graduated from Napier University with a BA in Business Studies. After almost two decades running his own hotel, and several years working in the wine industry he started Clear Figures. He is a Member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, including the Diploma in Self Assessment, the Diploma in Payroll Management as well as being an Associate of the Institute of Wine and Spirits.

More than just a bookkeeper, he understands the pressure of running your own business as well your needs.


   Licence 10127  


"Many small businesses lose money because they don't have the time or experience to carry out bookkeeping efficiently and effectively. The duplicate invoice that gets paid twice, the overcharging invoice, late payment fines and customers that get away with not paying because they are never chased; are all examples of where small businesses lose money and the owner never knows. An experienced and qualified bookkeeper will complete the books faster, more efficiently and more accurately, allowing the owner to get on with what they do best. When it comes to accounts, DIY is not necessarily the cheapest in the long run."

Our clients can also be assured that as an Member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers we keep up to date with the latest regulations. We have Professional Indemnity Insurance as well as the support of one of the largest professional bookkeeping bodies in the world.


Contact us for a confidential chat about what we can do for your business.


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